Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Shower

I have to confess I've never been to a baby shower, and I have no idea what ought to happen in one. It didn't matter much, for as usual, when the Roomees got together, it's all FOOD, conversation, laughter, FOOD and more FOOD. When it's the Roomees at Bee Ree's place, it's guaranteed SUPERB FOOD -

A shower cannot be complete without some small token for the coming-soon baby, so I made a little (or so I thought it was "little") cap, which turned out to be a perfect fit for the older boy instead! Here's him having lots of fun putting it on, pulling it off, and pulling it all the way down his face -

I don't have much else to write... perhaps not fully recovered from my glass of champagne (I have, in addition to an allergy, an extremely low tolerance for alcohol). I'll post the links when Bee Ree blogs about this (easy way out! =D)


laurak@forestwalkart said...

i think i've only been to a baby shower ONCE...and it was so long ago...all i really remember were the silly games we played.
OH, LOVE the cap. great knitting job! it's really amazing...when you realize how TINY those newborn babies heads are!
at least the cap will be kept warm by the older brother, until baby grows into it!! :)

neil said...

Yes, haha! I need to be more careful in size estimation next time :D