Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You will agree with me, Reader, that it is grand to love one's job. It is even better when one is able to turn one's passion into a livelihood. Like scientists. Like musicians. Writers! Teachers... well, some.

And climbers! Granted, the opportunities to make an actual, decent living being a professional climber (sports or otherwise) are considerably rarer than mainstream sports (I'm not sure this is a valid phrase to use, but I'm using it anyway), but, there always are other ways to indulge in this passion while generating an income.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before - climbers are the nicest people ever. Most are friendly, generous and simply fun-loving. At least, most of those I've encountered are like that... so, it is either I've been very fortunate, or people who are inclined to develop a passion for climbing also possess innate niceness. *Ahem*

Anyway, before this post loses itself down an entirely different path from the one I intended when I started it, I should jump straight into the main point. A few of the nicest climbers I've come to know have realized a climbing-related profession - a climbing gear store, of course!

Verticale -

I don't know if this post will find its way to the screens of any climbers out there, but if it does... if you, Reader, are a climber, do check them out and if you would, do make a trip to the store this Saturday:

Yes, it's their official opening, and there'll be good deals on the products! =)

I will not be there for this event, unfortunately, for reasons I must not delve into (I'm trying to limit ONE veering-off-course per post) but if I do visit the store in the future, I'll (hopefully) post some photos with more (ir)relevant stories in-between.

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laurak@forestwalkart said...

i'm not a climber...(just a hiker) but i'll surely pass this on to any climbers i may run into!! :)

neil said...

Thanks, Laura! It's great that you're a hiker... you post such lovely photos from your hiking trips :)