Monday, October 29, 2012


The first time I saw a set of the Russian nested dolls, I marveled at the very fine craftsmanship and how the tiniest was little larger than a grain of rice. I remember I gave a little giddy schoolgirl squeal each time opening doll and finding a smaller one inside. I don't know how my roomee (whose doll that was) put up with me.

Today, I was given my very own Matryoshka doll! They're painted red, they're very pretty and they traveled all the way from Russia! I tried not to squeal when I took them out of the bag, but I think I did... in delight!

Thank you, roomee, for remembering that I told you ten years ago that I wanted a set =)


laura.forestdreams:) said...

yay!! i can just see you, sitting there...nesting & un-nesting...over and over!! what a treasured gift!

i have a set of those russian of the few things i have that was my mother's, after she passed away. they're pretty old...probably from the 60's.

i love the bright colors on your new set!! beautiful!!

neil said...

Ooh... how precious your dolls must be! Always great to have something that's been in the family for so long :)