Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Open Sea Fishing

This is not a post about an exciting trip out into the open sea to fish.

I had loved fishing since I was a little girl. I would go fishing with my father and the ponds we frequented were filled with fishes that kept biting. I didn't even know why people said fishing requires lots of patience. There was once, while casting a line, the weight broke off and was lost. My father then switched to the spare rod and I was left to play with the decommissioned one. (Yea, back then, parents weren't paranoid about their children possibly getting hurt - like, if I was dumb enough to pierce my fingers, or any part of my body, with the hook, then I totally deserved it) I dropped the line with the baited hook into the shallow water right at the edge of the pond - for fun - and within minutes, a wee fish took a bite! It was a baby - no bigger than my girlish hand. Imagine my glee! We released it, of course. Eventually, after having gone to ponds with inhabitants neither that hungry or greedy or both, I realized the truth about the relation between patience and fishing. Nevertheless, I still loved the idea.

My father once went out to sea, on a boat, and spent the entire weekend fishing with his friends. I was in university, away from home, at the time and after the trip, he called and bragged about his catches. I was indignant that he didn't take me along. He brushed me off, saying it was a men's trip, and continued bragging. I would *so* have loved to go fishing in the sea with him, but we were never to have the opportunity.

So, recently, when a friend mentioned taking a boat out to the sea for a day-long fishing trip, I asked to join without second thoughts. Well, I wouldn't fish - for my life philosophy has shifted towards non-killing, as much as possible, even for food - but I could sit in the boat, watch the men, smell the sea, take photographs of anything and everything... it'll still be a grand adventure!

"Are you sure?" my friend asked me, wide-eyed, when I told him excitedly that I want to go with them in the boat.

"It's going to be really, really hot... like, the whole day, under the scorching sun."

I could slap on loads on sunblock. I could wear a gigantic wide-brimmed hat. I could even carry an umbrella, since I wouldn't be holding a rod...

"The sea might be rough. The boat is small, you might get sea-sick."

I know they sell anti-sea-sick pills in pharmacies...

"We're going on a little sampan so obviously, there's no toilet facility on board. We men will just pee into the sea."

I balked...

"You could probably get through the day if you don't drink so much of water, but you might end up dehydrated..."

Well, well! I have to drink, and I have to pee... It's not that I really mind peeing into the sea like the men will do (I know, I'm not a man, but I *can* find a way... don't roll your eyes!) but I do very much mind peeing in front of the men.

So, I change my mind. No spending an entire day on a toilet-less boat with a bunch of men for me. And that is why this post isn't about an exciting trip out into the open sea to fish.


laura.forestdreams:) said...

hahahahaaa....you're funny! and here i thought you were gfoing to say how many fish you caught!! OR that maybe the fish don't bite like they used to when you were younger!!

when we go out fishing...in our little canoe-like boat, i pee in a coffee can, my hubby, he pees off the boat 'like a man'. haha. but then it's just me & him. you could always bring a big towel, wrap it around yourself...sit over can...pee away...but tell them all to turn around anyway!!
ha! funny story!

neil said...

Great idea, Laura! Thanks :D