Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell Old Year

Hello, new one!

Honestly, I never really thought a new year is a big deal... (except getting a day off work!) I never care much for celebrations nor countdowns, and the only memory I have of celebrating a new year was from my teen years. My friends and I decided to gather at one of our homes and do the countdown.

We prepared our own food, had our usual party fun until about an hour to midnight, and went outside across the street. We sat, all in a row, on a wall - or something, I can no longer remember exactly - and shouted "Happy new year!" to every passing vehicle. At one point, firemen from the station nearby hollered at us. It just as well might have been a reprimand as much as a greeting, but we took it positively and returned the favour gleefully.

At 10 seconds before midnight, we started our countdown, as countdowns are usually done, and by the end, were overcome with joy and excitement, for which in the ignorance of youth, no reasons are necessary. We hugged, we laughed, we repeated the wishes and the cheers. In a couple of minutes, we heard a lot of noise coming from a (obviously significantly larger) party at the neighbourhood clubhouse a street or two away. The (more accurate?) countdown had just begun. That set us off on another lengthy fit of laughter, plus some forehead-smacking. Ah, the follies of my youth! =P

By my computer clock, which time may or may not be precise, I have 5 minutes to wrap this up before 2013 sets in. Here's wishing you, Reader, a splendid, wonderful and productive new year. Be in good spirits and stay in excellent health! =)

(4 minutes!)

(3 minutes!)

Right, that's enough. Happy New Year!


laura.forestdreams:) said...

HAPPY new year!!
(i actually made it to midnight...the countdown...watching the ball fall at times square, NY!)

here's hoping your year is filled with love, peace & all good things!

neil said...

Thank you!!! Best wishes to you and yours too =)