Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seventy Sets of Sun Salutation

She actually started by saying we'd attempt 100 sets, which would take about the entire hour. I stared at her wide-eyed. The guy beside me looked overwhelmed by incredulity and horror, and all but chickened out. I'm sure it crossed his mind, though. And the instructor must've thought the same, for she warned him, half in jest, "Don't you dare walk out of the studio!"

We started off good. Instead of letting my thoughts wander like I did when we did the forty sets, I tried my best to just focus on my breathing, the movement, and maintaining fluidity. I was rather surprised that I started feeling like clockwork after the 30th set. Sure, my breathing was becoming laboured, I was all flushed and perspiring profusely, my arms starting to feel pumped... but I wasn't struggling to go on, to say the least.

After the 60th set, she announced loudly, "Completed 50 sets!"

I balked in mid-forward-bend-to-plank... 50 only?! What - physical exertion actually inhibits my ability to keep count? *no comment*

15 more sets later, she announced we were down to the last 5, bringing the total to 70. I don't know what changed her mind... It could be that by then, half the class had given up and were flat on the floor, all soaked through either by sweat or tears... or both. Many took multiple breaks in-between the run. Only a handful were still pushing on, obviously fighting the fatigue, most probably due to stubbornness or ego, or well, both. Anyhow, I can't say I wasn't relief we didn't go all the way to 100.

I expect to have muscle aches for the next couple of days. No complaints though, for I'm pretty sure these 70 sets were handy in helping rid my body of calories I consumed from the scrumptious New Year's Day feast - my roomee hosted a superb, awesome, totally unsurpassable Burger Party and well.....

It'll probably take a lot more than a bunch of Sun Salutations to burn all that off, but it was a start. Ahhh, life! =D

*read about the burger party*

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