Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nightmare Come True

I have recurring dreams. I'm sure most people do, and according to a term paper I did in college, a lot of people do believe they might be a glimpse at what may come. Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, postulated that dreams are the nocturnal "rest state" manifestation of the unconscious mind, including repressed desires and fears.

This post isn't about my subconscious (and unconscious) desires. Obviously. For, if so, the title would say "dream" instead.

One of the most annoying, frequently occurring theme that disturbs my repose is, surprisingly, work-related. I misread my timetable and miss a class; I have a class in ten minutes and I'm still at home, not dressed; I go to class, not properly attired, or completely undressed; I go to class without any teaching materials for the lesson I have to deliver. Just to say a few.

A combination of some of those stuff happened to me last week.

I had a particularly unpleasant drive to work because traffic was heavy and as usual, some road users were inconsiderate and mean. I got to campus a mere half hour before my class and hadn't had my morning coffee nor proper breakfast. I was carrying a lot of stuff with me. Outside my office, I rummaged a good minute for the keys in my bag. It took another minute before I accepted the horrible truth that was that I had misplaced my office keys, and they were not in the bag, no matter how long I continue digging in it. I had never, in my n years of working life, been locked out like that! I had a class in less than half an hour, I had not anything to teach with - not even stationery - and I was in my slippers (yea, the proper shoes were on the other side of the door...) Nightmare? Sort of, and it was happening.

Anyway, after the initial panic and forehead-slapping, all was fine. The biggest issue was footwear because my class was in the lab, and the rules are pretty clear against slippers. I had a pair of sneakers in my car, but I was in a rather formal-looking dress... I know being in Engineering means I can totally get away with fashion illiteracy - in more aspects than one, for, the similarly fashion illiterate around me wouldn't be able tell (like intelligence and maturity, it takes some to know the lack of it) - but formal office-wear and sneakers? One needs nothing short of a celebrity status to get away with that, so nope, not for me. Fortunately, I was supposed to have a fitness class in the evening, so I had my gym bag with me. I changed into my plain black yoga pants with the plain tee I usually wore with it, and ended up going to class looking exactly like how I do going to gym (weird, I know, but no weirder than the alternative!) I also managed to loan a couple of whiteboard markers from a colleague, but in my typical absent-minded style, left them behind as I left his office.

Long story short (I seriously say this way too often without meaning it the slightest... *sorry*) I managed quite well through the "crisis". In hindsight, it wasn't that big a deal. I should stop regarding those recurring dreams as nightmares.

Sleep tight, world!

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laura.forestdreams:) said...

it sure is a weird feeling when stuff like that happens. like deja-vu.

at least the part of your dream...uh, nightmare, where u show up to class 'completely undressed'...DID NOT come true!

aaaah, the things our minds bring to the surface...esp in sleep...i wonder if thinking too much about it, makes it happen...or is it more like a prediction??!!
who knows! at least you can SMILE about it now!! =)