Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ultimately, that's what we all are, regardless of the number of friends, family and loved ones we have. It's like the classic joke of a woman staring at her closet filled with clothes and yet, have nothing to wear. Except it's not a joke... well, the closet thing isn't either - it actually happens.

There are countless number of thoughts racing back and forth in my head and various conflicting emotions trashing within my heart, and yet, I am that person standing in front of a full closet with nothing to wear. I feel helpless... and alone. So alone. A stranger within a circle of companions.

Again, this is life... and I must compel myself to be fine with it.

I'm fine.


§nóflèk said...

sometimes i feel that way too, so i understand :)

neil said...

Thanks... =)