Saturday, July 20, 2013


This is her 11th studio album and first that wasn't produced by Frank Peterson since Dive (1993). I got a copy of the album a couple of months ago, and the reason it took so long to actually write about it is... sadly, I'm not crazy about it.

In accordance to the theme - going into space, realising a lifelong dream - the music is heavily engineered to that effect. The accompaniment is so rich it literally drowns Sarah's vocals at times, especially during choruses... vocals which I suppose, have been engineered more than her previous albums. Many songs contain so much of background vocals that after a while, it was like listening to a mini choir with a (fortunately) distinguishable voice of an angel singing the melody.

Don't get me wrong - I like the album tolerably well... I'm not just in love with it. I still love SB, though :)

1. Angel
2. One Day Like This
3. Glosoli
4. Lento e Largo
5. B612
6. Breathe Me
7. Ave Maria
8. Eperdu
9. A Song of India
10. Venus and Mars
11. Closer
12. 7th Heaven (bonus track on DVD+CD version)
13. So Long Ago So Clear (bonus track on DVD+CD version)

I don't exactly have a favourite, but I do like some better than the others. Angel, for example, but that could very well be due to the fact that it was a single which I had become acquainted with long before everything else. Lento e Largo, however, isn't something I'm cultured enough is appreciate and enjoy. B 612 is a vocalization track - a beautiful one! It is a Sarah thing to have one lyric-less song per album, but here, Ave Maria and A Song of India both have so few lyrics they're mostly just sounds...

I guess the point is, I prefer Sarah to a technologically-packaged Sarah. Too much production just leaves us with less of the real Angel of Music.

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