Friday, October 11, 2013

Extreme Sport

We were lying flat on our backs, just roused from a deep relaxation that we started the session with. Following the teacher's verbal instructions, we raised one leg, folded it to the side, then pressed it back down onto the floor. Adjusting the hips to be properly aligned and as neutral as possible stretched the folded leg muscles to a point beyond comfort, naturally. We raised the other leg, then folded that on top of the one already in position.

I heard gasping to my left. Not being in the deep focus that I ought to be, I turned my head. She, a woman in her thirties, was looking at me with one of the most tortured expressions I'd witnessed in class.

"So painful!" she cried, her legs dangling awkwardly, in her futile attempt to get into the pose. I could but offer her a sympathetic smile.

Throughout the hour-long practice, she sighed and grunted, struggled and stumbled, and constantly fought fatigue and pain.

I was reminded of this photo I once came across:

(Source: Pinterest)

So - relaxing pastime, spiritual path, or extreme sport? It definitely isn't, in practice, a spiritual path - not unless one purposely chooses to look at the activity as being spiritual. When I took up yoga, about 5 or 6 years ago, I'd meant to increase my flexibility, tone up my muscles, improve focus, and on the overall, achieve a more relaxed physical and mental state. Well, in a way, I do feel that I sleep a lot better on nights before which I had yoga sessions, but honestly, I can't say it's not because I'd usually be full of aches and tired out. A relaxing pastime? Maybe.

Take a look:

(Source: Eve Post Apple)

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

An extreme sport? Most definitely!

So this, plus martial arts and climbing, makes me an extreme sports girl! *Ahem!*

(confession: I can't do any of the poses in the photos I posted....... yet =P)


Anonymous said...

I suppose it all depends on how you define an extreme sport

neil said...

I guess you're extreme extreme whereas I'm only regular extreme :P
Keep it up!

§nóflèk said...

wow if i could be half doing what you're doing, i'd be a more healthier person!!

neil said...

Well, Sno, I might be relatively healthier, but I have injured my both shoulders, right wrist, left knee and one of my right toes... :D