Friday, December 23, 2005

Little Things

What do you do when...

1. you're on the phone? Do you pull and fondle the hems of your shirt, roll and crumple any paper that happens to be in your hands, or scribble like mad on a note pad if there is one with a pen around?

2. someone is trying to bore your brains out with the most boring of conversations? Do you "hmmmm, oh, ic" all the way, look left, right, up and down every 10 seconds, or stare at his nose and pretend you're interested in the topic (while at the same time thinking of how ugly he is)?

3. you're in the dentist's chair with your mouth pried open and your teeth drilled into? Do you stare into the dentist's eyes, mask, throat or shirt collar and buttons, stare at the light or the ceiling, or close your eyes and try to imagine you're somewhere else?

4. you're waiting for a webpage to load? Do you stare at the page loading, drum your fingers on the mouse, or click on every other tab in the taskbar in turn just to take a glance at all your other opened windows?

5. you want to curse but your young son/daughter is within audible range? Well, I seriously think you shouldn't, but if you really want to, try using "droppings", "female dog" and "offspring of a female dog" instead of the usual ones.


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