Thursday, January 5, 2006

New Year

Seems a little late to say "Happy New Year" now, but still, it's not yet one week into 2006. With a new year, most people talk about resolutions. But really, I am not, never was, a resolution person. No point making resolutions I don't plan to keep in mind two minutes after they're made, no point trying to pretend I have high-and-flying resolutions when I don't really believe in them. Come on, how many people actually even remember their resolution by the year's end? Quoting a former roomate, "... remember to make new resolutions especially if you did not fulfill them this year. Always good to break them again :P"

These days, I feel too old to have any kind of elaborate celebrations on New Year's eve to welcome the new year. I still the remember the time when my friends and I, being wild, unruly teenagers still, held slumber parties to celebrate new years. Once, around 12am of a Jan 1, we gathered around a public phone booth (within the grounds of the Balai Bomba opposite Kate's house), called every guy whose phone number we had, and screamed "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" (all 6 or 7 of us at the same time) into the receiver mouth piece. It was crazy, it was fun! After several calls, screamings and thunderous laughing fits, a couple of firemen peeped from a first floor window of the bomba building and asked us what was going on. What was going on? "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" we screamed at them. No, we didn't get reprimanded - it was, afterall, new year's day.

In addition to 2006, we're also in a new semester with a promise of new and greater challenges - 2- or 3-time repeating ones, pea-brained ones, smart-ass ones, non-responsive ones, sly ones, cheeky ones, I-like-to-be-absent ones, I-want-retest ones, I'm-gonna-give-you-BAD-evaluation ones, etc. How are we going to get through them all?!? Well, we'll give 100% effort of course (refer to calendar pic - click on it!) - thanks so much Yee, for sharing it with us. :)
Happy New Year, everybody!

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