Thursday, January 26, 2006


If all of our new year wishes came true...

1. We lecturers can submit our exam questions when and if we please, so long as it's before the exam date, and we would be giving orders to the Exams Center, not the other way around

2. Amount of bonus given to us will be directly proportional to the number of students we failed in the past academic year (more repeats meaning more profits)

3. Yearly salary increment will be directly proportional to average weekly teaching hours for the past academic year (standard logic, ok?)

4. The week-long break granted to students for CNY will be extended to us too (c'mon, what are we to do here, if there are no one to teach? it's like compulsory leaves taken from our already not-too-many annual leave days)

5. If 1 person sends an email in protest of any unjust management decision, 10 people will reply with their support, and 10 more to support each of the 10 supporters.... and so on and so forth.

6. The teaching staff of an institution of higher learning such as ours will be placed at the top of the pyramid of value and importance - and not at the bottom (like buruh kasar)

7. We can take our lunch at the same hour every day! (... followed by an optional afternoon nap *winks*)

I wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. " May all your wishes come true!"

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