Thursday, September 28, 2006

Close Encounter

There I was - in the train, on my way home, sitting and reading. The train stopped at a station, the door opened and a big crowd boarded. There were two empty seats to my left, and two rather large girls took them. The one who sat right beside me sat so close to me that I was, well - literally squashed. On my right was the glass partition so I couldn't really move away a lot. I scooted from her as much as space allowed, but she continued to shove her ample self into my side. Her enormous backside pressed on the side of my thigh and her big big spare tayar on my arm. She was so into her "super-exciting" conversation with her friend that she didn't even realise what she was doing to me. Really cannot tahan! Luckily I was going off at the next station (which was less than 5 minutes' journey away). And luckily she was a she. If she was a man, I would've kicked "his" balls. Left ball, then right ball. Then left ball again.


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