Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Testing 1-2-3

I am going for a test run in two hours' time. I had to - of course. If I were to die halfway around the tracks, then I'd rather do so in a practice session (with no spectators) than during the actual event (with students and staff and their children all watching!). These are the things I am going to pay attention to:

1. Where to start and stop running
2. The optimum speed to run at without appearing excessively lame or wearing myself out too soon (I at least know they are trade-offs!)
3. How to lift and replace my feet so I don't look funny and won't tumble and roll in the dirt

It's not too bad at a glance, isn't it? Still, I'm all freaked-out. How about taking this up as a personal challenge? Hmmmph. I'd much rather sing off-key in front of 300 guests at a wedding dinner (wait, I've already done that!)

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