Monday, February 12, 2007

Learning & Teaching Styles

After all these years, I've observed that all students learn in a finite number of styles. For instance, if they are faced with a problem they are unable to solve, they will resort to any one of the following ways:

1. Stare at it -> If you stare at the problem long enough without doing anything, a miracle may happen (i.e. your teacher walks by, takes pity on you and solves it for you)

2. Cry SOS -> Why waste time waiting for a miracle to happen? Take initiative to summon the miracle (i.e. ask your teacher outright to solve your problem!)

3. Blind Trial, Blind Error -> Does not require any thinking. Just change every possibly changeable variable / parameter. In theory, brute force trying will get the problem solved ... eventually.

4. Blind leads Blind -> Get a friend sitting next to you to help you with your problem. He, who undoubtedly has his own unsolved problems, will nevertheless help you most willingly.

5. Manual Scan -> Compare your problematic work against the examples given in the notes ... line by line if you have to. Surely you can see the difference that is the problem!

6. Brain in Use -> Analyse the problem. Take some time to think about it and the cause of it, and then formulate the solution (since most of them have heibi brains, only about 5% of all students choose this style)

There are only 3 generally accepted teaching styles - small, medium and large - i.e. the size of pails to bring to class to hold the blood you'll vomit during the teaching process. (Exception: a small percentage of teachers may require XL-sized pails)

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