Thursday, February 15, 2007

Very Angry Very Angry

It's the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year and I got pissed off BIG TIME by the kids in class! I was lecturing and a friend of one of them simply walked up to the classroom door, opened it and stuck his head in without so much as a knock! And the guy that fella was looking for (sitting at the second last row in class) simply walked out to settle his whatever business with his friend without so much as a glance at his lecturer, who still happened to be talking, in mid-sentence.

I told them off nicely about the kind of sense and attitude and lack of respect and manners that was displayed. When the rude guy came back in after his tete-a-tete with his rude friend, I told him off personally and warned him never to let that happen again. Instead of offering an apology, that fella had the cheek to show me his dissatisfaction by rolling his eyes around and turning his face black. I soooo wanted to tell him to "wipe that nasty look off your face" or else get out, but weighed that out against the alternative of just getting the lesson finished and done with, and dismissing the whole lot of them.

What are they teaching the kids in their moral classes in school? What are parents doing, not teaching their kids basic manners and respect for elders? What is wrong with the kids these days? *pengsan*

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