Saturday, May 12, 2007

neil: Updates

Most of my friends are aware that I recently changed job. Many had taken pains to ask me how I found the new place, what my work is like, and how I like it. Thank you, friends - I feel extremely grateful for the concern. Perhaps because my prevous position was my first, and I stuck to it for so many years, that my current state is like that of an overgrown baby out of its cradle for the first time. However, I'm glad to say that I am fine so far.

My manager is nice, doesn't scold (so far...) and is currently sort of too busy to overwork me. In the past week, I got to know a few people, discovered how small this world really is, saw a lengcai at a forum, and had a free lunch. All in all, it is not bad at all, though I miss all my former colleagues, my faculty and the food - especially yee mian, pan mian, and chao fan from 6-finger aunty, and all the other places: xia mian, vegetarian shop, penang deli, Shell foodcourt etc. Sigh.

I am still adapting to the new situation, and perhaps in another month or so, I shall be able to announce that I am happily settled in. Perhaps! :)

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