Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uni Games

"You miss uni lar, that time only play Sims" Bee Ree said to me this morning. It took me a few seconds of intense cognitive processing to realise she was referring to my previous post. I told Bee Ree I don't want to write about Sims anymore, as I had previously written panjang lebar about them (here, here and here). But Bee Ree managed to convince me that she loves to read about the Sims - so here I am.

We first got started when Bee Ree brought the game CD back to our room. Nee Lee was the first to install and play, Mee Mee and Bee Ree followed suit shortly after. We started by running into disaster after disaster, but slowly, we learned many tricks and even cheats and got so absorbed, for a long time, it was the only game that we played, the only thing that occupied us whenever we didn't eat, pangsai, bathe, sleep, go to class, do last minute assignments, or go out paktor. It was one serious addiction.

Soon, we were obsessed beyond reason. Each of us created characters of ourselves. Both Mee Mee and Bee Ree made families consisting of themselves and their then bfs and I created a family with 3 of us. We'd make stories, share stories, share tricks and share Sims photos. After a while, we even started speaking Sims to each other: "bwera bwera lar", "go mendz dalar", "taba gu chia", "shum shum", "deg deg" etc. @@

I must say the extreme obsession with Sims brought the 3 of us very close, and I believe we shall remain very close for a long, long time to come, although we had ceased playing Sims together for many years. So, I won't say I am sorry for whatever harm the Sims may have done to my uni grades. What a great game it was!

From left to right: Mee Mee, Nee Lee, Bee Ree

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