Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Stuff Post

Not Enough Homework

Bee Ree and I were discussing pseudonyms (that's my preferred word for 'nickname', or in this age of the Internet, 'userid' or 'username') and I said I gave Mee Mee her "Mee Mee", she gave me my "Nee Lee" and we both came up with "Bee Ree" for Bee Ree. After some 's, I told Bee Ree that I think our uni did not give us enough homework, that we had time to be do such silly things. Bee Ree agreed with me - we had time to go dating, have supper at a town 30km away, play Sims, 8 about everyone and everything, dance in the room, peek at dating couples from our windows (our room strategically looks out to the <infamous dating spot>)...@@ On top of that, Bee Ree added, Mee Mee and I had the time to record a few songs and even create a music video (not to mention my spending numerous hours every week on martial arts training and choir... no wonder my grades suffered so!) Not enough homework ya? (I think in my case, it's not enough enthusiasm to spend more time on the homework!)

Extreme Multitasking

I think most of us multitask most of the time, to a certain extent - listening to music or talking to others while working, singing while studying, reading while eating (I looove to do this, though my papa always said it'll give me indigestion). When driving, the only other 'task' I perform is singing (day-dreaming doesn't count ok). Though I rarely do, these days most people talk on their handphones while driving. Despite the law saying that only hands-free are allowed, I still see many (men, especially!) driving with one hand on the wheel, and one holding a phone. I vaguely remember once seeing a man driving with one hand holding his phone and the other holding a cigarette, alternating between the wheel and his lips - effectively multitasking his hands, his mouth and his brains. However, that's still not as bad as composing SMS while driving, because that combination takes the driver's eyes off the road. Yesterday morning, I saw what must be the ultimate - this man "driving" a van, reading a newspaper spread across the steering wheel, holding a pen in his right hand over the newspaper, as if about to note something (!!!!!). Mind, the traffic was not sparse nor slow - it was going-to-work time, and we were traveling on a highway at the average speed of approximately 80 - 100 km/h. What's worse, the driver was not alone, there were several passengers in the van, each holding his own newspaper (can't one person just read aloud the oh-so-important news to everyone else?) That had got to be the most extreme I've seen so far *pengsan*

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