Monday, June 4, 2007

neil: Visual Updates

This is a post I promised Bee Ree some weeks ago. First, let's see the place I left behind:

And this is the new place:

Well, it does look new, doesn't it? It's not strewn all over with things; no stacks of paper and envelops; no cockroaches and rat droppings. (I loooove the toilet at my new place - so extremely CLEAN compared to the old, always well-supplied with toilet tissues, and stays clean throughout the day!) Of course my old and new place differ not only in terms of cleanliness (I haven't been there long enough to mess up my new desk), but in a lot of other non-work-related matters.

The most significant is the fixed lunch hour. The good side of it is that I get to eat at the same time everyday, which *supposed* to be good for my digestive system, and the bad side is that I'm always hungry a couple of hours before I can eat :P Many have said that I should keep some food at my desk, so I can eat whenever I'm hungry, but I've been thinking - if I did that, wouldn't I be putting on weight like nobody's business? No, I wouldn't like that.

In the old place, I climb a lot of stairs - most of the time 4 flights at a go to reach a class at level 5, sometimes several times a day. Now, here, I just sit at my cubicle all day long, except for toilet breaks and lunch break. (I wonder why I can get hungry admist this inactivity)

The air circulation in the new place is great. People do make hot drinks, like coffee, in the office, but I never smelt anything. (The only smell I ever got was from the guy-next-cube after he had his cigarette break. *choke*) It makes me kinda miss my old neighbour, Mr Kopi, and his at least 4-5 mugs of hot black coffee per day. :D Although I don't use it often, there are free-for-all coffee, Milo and tea in the pantry at the new place, so all's really quite well.

Are you happy with this post, Bee Ree? :) *if you feel that this post somewhat ends hanging in mid-air, well it's because I don't know what else to write for now*

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