Wednesday, June 20, 2007

rooMie sleepover

Yesterday was my rooMie Mee Mee's birthday ( *click* to read a special birthday post dedicated to her by Bee Ree) and I thought it would be nice to spend some time with her last weekend, with a slice of cake maybe. Since it was such a last-minute thought (yes, unfortunately, at times I may be very "no heart" until the last minute...) I hadn't prepared anything - not in the least a birthday present (the 3 CDs of Phuket photos don't count ya... I'll get you another present later...). Anyhow, on Friday night, we decided that I would meet Mee Mee near her place for something (undecided at the time) on Saturday. I had a slightly runny nose that day, and by Saturday, it had developed into quite a full-blown cold! I took supposedly non-drowsiness-causing medication, but ended up feeling drowsy and lethargic all the same. I don't think I could drive all the way to her place, I told Mee Mee, could she come instead? Yes, she said, any place I know that sell nice baju kurung?

Mee Mee started driving around 4.30pm and half an hour later, she was at somewhere else about 25km from my place, due to a missed turning. She finally arrived at half-past 5, and we went for dinner at close to 6pm, as Mee Mee declared she was so hungry she couldn't wait anymore. While we were waiting for food, Mee Mee told me how she is always very happy at meal times and how she gets impatient and cranky if the food takes too long to arrive... (Mee Mee had been my rooMie 2 yrs, but I've never noticed this in her, probably because all that time she was never in want of food - our room was always full of food: maggi, milo, crackers, snacks etc.) After dinner we went to town, and I showed her some baju kurung shops. She was so impressed with what she saw at the first shop that she tried on no less than 7 or 8 sets of baju kurungs and ended up buying 2 (I myself managed to buy 1 too... though I didn't have the intention to buy anything!) I told Mee Mee she really should stay the night at my place, as it was getting late and dark, and was also somewhat rainy. It was definitely not a good idea to drive home by herself. She agreed.

Back at my place, we viewed some photos, watched some tv, talked lots and went to bed at last at 1+ am. We didn't actually sleep until 3+ am though, because we were still talking... At times we were talking with our eyes closed because we were so sleepy already - but still we wanted to talk! It was so like what we used to do - all 3 of us (Nee Lee, Mee Mee, Bee Ree) - in our hostel room. We'd go on talking endlessly, after the lights were switched off, and we're laid comfortably in our beds. Those were the good ol' rooMie days!

On Sunday morning we had a healthy breakfast of milo and crackers, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney Channel (Mee Mee wanted to watch cartoons because her own subscription does not include cartoons wor...) Mee Mee left at 10+ am, and found her way home safely. What a great time we had! I wish I could end this post pleasantly here, but no - this isn't the end. Yesterday, Mee Mee informed me that she fell sick (viral fever wor...) on Monday! Could've been from my flu virus lor. *sorry*

I really enjoyed spending time with my rooMies, and Mee Mee and I should crash into Bee Ree's place one day (when her bf's out of town, of course), and eat and talk and eat and talk... but not when anyone of us is sick!

p/s:Bee Ree said that my previous post was very long but the photo of the hunk at the end was great. She skipped through the whole post and stared at it only. And I said I shall thereafter upload a photo of a hunk at all my posts to increase number of visitors. But sorry la Bee Ree... no hunks punya photos with me at the moment so this post will have to do without :P

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