Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Freaky Tale

It was in the evening, the sun was at the verge of setting, and I was driving along this long, straight, road. There were no other cars, and I was driving very slowly, being feverish and feeling faint. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a white dog appeared by the road's divider. It attempted to cross, but stalled, as I approached it. What a creature it was - pure white from head to tail, lean and graceful. I drove past the the canine. Perhaps it was it's striking impression, the solitudinous road, or a feverish fancy - that made me feel inclined to look at the enchantingly appealing creature again. I gazed into the rear-view mirror.

There was no dog. In its stead, was a long-haired young lady, in a billowing pure white dress that fell to her feet. What a sight - she slender and graceful, her dress snowy-white and flowing. She stared about upon the road, as if about to cross it. It was such an arresting view I could not take my eyes off the mirror. Moments later, I came to my senses and my blood chilled. Gosh, what have I seen? Was it all a delusion of my tired mind, sick with fever?

I drove steadily on, still unable to take my eyes off the rear-view mirror. A second later, I saw the white dog again...

... a few meters away from the girl in white.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relieve. I wasn't seeing "things" after all. Ahem!

It's still a wonder that I didn't see the girl when I was approaching the dog, but it was very well that she could've crossed from the other side of the road while I wasn't looking. Of course, I am pretty sure she had legs... under all that white fabric of her skirts... I think.


Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps reading k... young lady...you better open your eyes wide when you drive~~ meemee

Joo said...

A Man would ask:
Was the girl good looking or sexy?

I'll probably say it's probably nothing...ppl wear white all the time. Just a coincidence you didn't see her at first or she is still crossing from the other side of the road :)

cher-ry said...

wakakakakakaka!!! Get well soon k!!

neil said...

Yes, mee mee, I will :D

Yes, joo, I'm sure she's human :P

Thanks, bee ree. I'm feeling tonnes better today :)

Joo said...

Neil, you forgot to answer the utmost important question:

Is she cute/sexy? :P

neil said...

OK, Joo. She looked erm... virginal and innnocent - flowing hair, flowing dress. Definitely not sexy :D