Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Gift

Before I even started writing, I realised how entirely arrogant, self-serving and boastful this post (and those which will follow suit) will sound. First - well, I know I am not an arrogant person - so perhaps it is alright to be a little arrogant once in a while on a blog? Secondly, everyone deserves some self-serving writing which don't harm anyone. And being boastful - now, I don't mean to, and will never want to be boastful (if it appears that way, please know that I don't mean it!). Right - I shall begin.

CS, who is one of my first room-mates, whom I call a dear sister, is going to be married in March next year, and I have the privilege to prepare a photo slideshow for the wedding!!! OK, you're thinking - yea, big deal. YES, IT IS A BIG DEAL! This is her once-in-a-lifetime, and she trusts me enough to let me do the slideshow! Me - who doesn't any professional multimedia / design experiences. Me - who is practically hopeless in art and creativity. (polar bear, if you dare leave a sarcastic comment on this......... beware!) Thank you, CS! And thank you, Elina, for suggesting it!

The first thing was to determine the song for the slideshow. CS gave me this URL and mentioned that she loves a song that plays on the website. I went to the site, heard the song (yes, it's a very sweeeeet one) and found out that there's no information on the title nor artist. Problem? No problem. A friend had time and time again proven to me that Google solves all your problems.

I listened closely, typed whatever bits and pieces of lyrics I can catch into Google search textbox, included the keyword "lyrics", and a few clicks later, I had the song title. Then, it was off to Google's YouTube, and within seconds I was looking at dozens of videos of the song title. Based on the voice of the singer and with a little luck, I found the version CS wanted in no time. Thank you, Google! Getting the audio file is something I'd rather to elaborate. *Ahem*

The first step is taken. I forsee some challenges ahead. I hope to make this gift as perfect as I am capable of for CS, so of course, if my multimedia-expert friends have any tips and pointers, all are welcome.




Hmmm... for all readers out there, if you found that I am missing from the face of the earth, I am most probably killed by YL.

But, I am not leaving a sarcastic remarks, but compliments... YL as I known her for a long time almost 10 years liao... is a very good friend to have. I am surprised that she said her art and design is bad because she does not looks like that. I am pretty sure she will do a good job in helping CS with her wedding slide show.

Well, that means I will know who to look for when I am doing my wedding slide show... hehe

neil said...

It's not like polar bear at all to say something nice about me. What happened to you? :P

Do your wedding slideshow? Sure. I'd be delighted :)