Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch Post

*dedicated to Bee Ree, who always asked me to write about my lunches*

We had packed vegetarian rice yesterday, and in mine I found a little siput. Poor fella was probably cooked alive. Siput aside, the rice was dry, the veges bland and boring, and the fried stuff tough and extremely salty. No, we didn't like it.

We went for pan mee today.

Tom Yam Pan Mee

Ma La Pan Mee

Loh Mee

Lunch was great today. The food was delicious, and pan mee stall uncle gave us each a mandarin orange for dessert :)


cher-ry said...

Where is this place??? the tom yum pan mee looks so yummy!!!

neil said...

Dengkil ;)

Anonymous said...

Any food within Cyberjaya is not good food. Food quality gets better as you travel further away from Cyber, starting from Dengkil :)

- Patmin