Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Got Mail!

I found it in my mailbox finally!

The best gift one can expect to receive is a token of someone dear remembering me even when away on vacation. And what is better than sending a postcard to let me know? :)

Confession: Granted, I myself requested Bee Ree to send me a postcard from Athens.

But she took the effort to remember that I asked, and to actually do it for me. THANK YOU Bee Ree! Hugs & Muaks!!!


Sophia Khee said...

aww so sweet!!! both of u are so cute~ kekeke

Anonymous said...

I used to send some postcards frm wherever I went to but some of them got lost to God knows where. So sad :(
Thus sometimes I think would it be better if I bought those postcards and stamps and then just kept it with myself and brought it home, then I'll never have to worry they get lost again! :D
- Patmin

neil said...

Mee Mee - next time you go somewhere nice, send me a postcard too ;)

Patmin - posting means you get the stamps and postmarks as well wor!

Anonymous said...

mayb should buy 2 copies - one for posting and one to bring home myself :P

- Patmin

neil said...

Patmin - yea. Buy 1 whole set, post 1 of them :P

cher-ry said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)