Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Pretty!

Conversation, abridged.

You know that girl, the very pretty one, the one who I think said she works in KLCC or something...

Is she working in KLCC?

I thought I heard...

No, I think it was that she came from KL last week, because she had something to do in KL...

Oh ok... I must've mistaken then. But you know which one I'm talking about, don't you? The pretty one... there is only 1 really pretty one.

Yea, yea, yea...

Do you know her name?

I didn't have much chance to speak with her also la... I think her name begins with 'L' or something.

Aih -

Apa mau minum?

Er, errr..... milo panas, kurang manis.

Sama lar.


Do you want to order roti? The roti is quite fast.

No, I don't want roti. Makan tak mau lar.

2 milo panas saje?

Ah, tak, 1 milo ais lar!

OK, 1 milo ais, 1 milo panas kurang manis...

So, what about the pretty girl?

She is so pretty! So, so, so pretty! She is so pretty! I can't seem to stop saying it... she is so pretty!

Yea I know! Her complexion is so flawless... so smooth and nice!

That's what I noticed! Perfect, great complexion!

And did you notice her lips?

Oh yea... such soft, pink, lips! And it looks natural... not lipstick or gloss or whatever!

Ya lor... if it was anything applied, she'd need to reapply after some time right? Her lips are really nice.

So pretty la!

Actually her other features are not that pretty...

No? But her eyes are so exquisite!

She's got very deep and defined double eyelids...

And aren't they so pretty and charming?

Oh, but I prefer not so deep double eyelids lor... there's this girl where I work who is also very pretty - she...

It can go on and on and on... however, it's late and *yawwwwwn* I'm sleepy.

The ma-lat-lou version:

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