Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking in the Rain, Part 2

It does rain a lot recently, doesn't it?

This time, it wasn't me walking in the rain. I was in the car, Mee Mee was driving. It wasn't just raining, it was pouring. And walking right in it, was a young couple.

It was an odd sight, because the girl was holding an umbrella, while the guy had several sheets of soaked-through newspaper plastered to his soaked-through head. They were walking side-by-side, but about a foot apart. Mee Mee made a comment on how the girl wasn't sharing her umbrella with her friend. I thought they probably were strangers to each other, who just happened to be walking together in that really heavy rain. But, no - they were sharing a conversation. Mee Mee also observed that it would had been very difficult for them to share the umbrella, because of the obvious height difference. It was true - the petite girl didn't reach up to the shoulders of the guy, and if the umbrella was held high enough over the guy's head, the girl would had been splashed wet all over anyway.

We concluded that the guy must've been a real gentleman, letting himself get drenched, so the girl could stay as dry as possible under the umbrella. Of course, it could had been the girl who'd declined to share her umbrella with him, but we prefer to think the former.

And what a sweet sight it became :)

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