Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walking in the Rain

People may like or dislike it when it rains - depending on whether they were sleeping, going to sleep, having to wake up to go to work, or having just finished work and having to walk an open-air distance to get to their cars. It had been a long time since I got wet in the rain - wet as in really wet, droplets and splashes don't count.

I used to not mind getting drenched, soaked to the skin, back in the days when I cycled to and back from school. Though, like many of the girly girls at the time, I mastered the "art" of cycling while holding an umbrella over my head, most of the time I didn't care much about the weather - the scorching sun or pouring rain.

Of course I didn't like getting wet on my way to school, which was very seldom - I only remember one particular ocassion when I arrived at school early in the morning, rather wet from the rain. I ran into the headmistress on the way to class and got a disapproving "You're all wet!" from her. However, getting wet on the way home - now that was something different. I can't even remember how many times I'd cycled home in the rain. I had this huge yellow rain coat which I'd wrap around my bag and books, while I myself braved the torrent of raindrops.

I was out today. It started raining while I was inside a building, and my car was parked several streets away. I didn't have an umbrella with me, I didn't want to wait to see if the rain would stop, so my only option was to walk in it. It was rather weird, though it felt good, to be the only one walking without an umbrella or raincoat - just walking, not running or scurrying or dying to get out of it.

I like walking in the rain. I miss getting wet in the rain! It's fun, it's crazy, it's romantic and it never hurt anyone. Well, of course, if I come down with a cold tomorrow, you can sneer and say to me padan muka*.

*translates literally to matches your face, but really means serves you right


Joo said...

padan badan can? :P

seriously do some 20cent face and ask one of the lengchai students to walk u back to your car....

though walking in the rain can be kinda fun..

BW said...

walking in the rain..sometimes it gives off a feeling of revitalization as well as reminding on the youth that we are having xD

polarbear said...

Walking in the rain it is something that I do enjoy... because it is not only fun, but also cool down our system to make us relax in the mental and physical state.

neil said...

Glad to know there are people who enjoy a good walk in the rain as well :)

Joo, what is a 20cent face?

Anonymous said...

i would love to walk you back to your car in the rain, teach..:-)