Friday, June 12, 2009

The Ideal Career

Approximately 7 hours ago, I was reading a book while waiting for someone. The someone arrived, saw my book, and asked about it. It was a title by Sophie Kinsella, which I got at the same time I got the Shopaholic book. Being a guy, that someone hadn't heard of the author's name, and didn't know much about the Shopaholic books, but he knew about the movie.

She must be rich now, he said, referring to the author.

I would suppose so, I said.

He was silent for a moment, then quietly observed that I write. I replied in the affirmative. He asked me if I'd considered writing a book. Well, I very well could, I am sure, but to achieve that bestseller status, to make a comfortable living out of it - I am not too sure. He will take care of it for me, he said. He will fund the publishing and the marketing, and then take 30% of the profits.


Sure, deal, I said. He sounded so serious it was hilarious. When I am getting a good, stable income from my book, I can quit my job and have all the time in the world for - well, whatever, he added. Won't that be really great for someone like me?

So, deal?

Sure, deal! I mean - doing something I have so much passion for, which is in fact an almost pure enjoyment, while making a good living out of it, with a chance to achieve celebrity status - if that isn't ideal for me, I don't know what is! The only other thing that I can think of that's almost better, is if I get to go visit interesting places to write about them. Surely there are lots who find my travel journals very well-written and love reading them! If this could be, I would probably be willing to kiss postgrad goodbye. Gosh, I think I'd be willing to french-kiss postgrad goodbye! Aahhh...

It is late and I should go to bed, to continue dreaming my dream.

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