Friday, June 5, 2009


Yes, I am tired, and I am not referring wholly to my physical / mental state as of this moment alone. Granted, it has been quite a day (and not quite over yet!), but it's not just those daily tasks and work obligations that put me in this sombre mood.

With everything I'd done today, the cycle is almost completed - the results are submitted, the reports handed in, coordination work for the next cycle begun. And what next? Starting all over again, from the beginning - the first class, building rapport, chasing deadline after deadline after deadline, suffer the weeks to pass sluggishly by, the frenzy at the end...

And it simply goes on and on. Time just passes us by while we get swirled around in this never-ending cycle, and before we knew it, we'd lived our lives and we wouldn't know for sure what it was all for. Whatever good times and bad times, laughter and tears, tears from laughing too much, tears from crying, tears from grains of sand in the eye; good deeds, bad deeds, generosity, selfishness, honesty, telling lies, making others happy, making this world a better place - and then what? In the end, if indeed there will be a common end to all, those whose lives we'd made better by making this world a better place will end up in the coffin, much as we will so, ourselves.

Still we go on and on. Chasing dream after dream, setting new targets after each set are achieved, replacing unhealthy addictions with new addictions...

Gosh, I am tired.

And when I am tired, my brain thinks funny. I suggest you erase from your brain the memory of you having ever read this post.

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