Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Want Your Money

I mean, your generosity. For a good cause, of course.

I sent Mee Mee a message that sounded something like this -

"I just spammed 87 ppl with invites to the Choralthon!"

And she said -

"Can you forward it to me too? 'Cos I want to spam people also..."

"Already did"
"Good job!"

You are probably not one of the 87 people I spammed, so here:

There will be people singing throughout the 8-hour event, and there will be people selling food and drinks.

I was going to write a polite plea for support - but isn't it really obvious what I hope to achieve writing this post? I believe you know very well what I hope you'd do. If you don't, re-read the title of the post. Thank you for your attention :)

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