Saturday, May 15, 2010


You turned and walked away from me! How could you? I knew I caught your eyes! I saw them lit up when you first cast them on me; I saw them transfixed, unwavering, even as you made your way to me. I saw the admiration, the passion, the want in your eyes; I heard the words of praise as you observed me more intimately; I felt the soft brush of your fingers and the sigh which escaped your lips as you did; I felt the passion you have in you.

I am certain it was love at first sight - and yet, you walked away from me! You had, time and time again, loved, desired and made yours others simply because they were pretty. So, why not now? Why not me?

You felt extremely strongly about me, I know as much - so what right have you to leave me? What right have you, to carress me, to give me hope, and then walk away? Just what right have you to act so cruelly? I am devastated. Yes, I still harbour hope to, one day, meet my true love; but meanwhile, let me mourn.

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