Thursday, May 20, 2010

Songs in My Head

Whenever I traveled by public transport, or had to spend time waiting (for trains / people / whatever), I always wished I could have, in addition to my usual reading material, music that I like. Therefore, for some time now, I had wanted a portable music-player.

At one point, about half a year ago (gosh!) I wanted this:

It was pretty, just so pretty! I could choose one in this bimbotic pretty pink, or the bimbotic shade of purple that I love. But, being an Apple product meant it was made specifically for bimbos and show-offs, besides being grossly over-priced and restrictive in certain aspects (you'd have to use iTunes, for example). Most importantly, the cheapskate in me couldn't find it in her heart to part with RM700+ for a spur-of-the-moment lust (not that I abhor being a bimbo that much...).

Recently, we got this:

No, the cheapskate in me didn't change her mind about being a cheapskate. We redeemed it using credit card reward points.

Let it be known that the last portable music-playing device I owned was a walkman, back in the mid-90's. Since then, I've never had earphones stuck into my ears when I go about, and although the discomfort of sticking things into my ears might take some getting used to, I like it! For fear of ruining my normal hearing, I usually turn the volume down to moderately low, so it's really nice to have music playing in my head, while I could still hear everything around me, and even hold decent conversations with others...

And the music simply goes on, in its separate little thread, right there in my head! I really like it! Feels kinda like a schizophrenic!

Oops. The next time I hear songs in my head, I'll check to see if the earphones are there, and if the player is turned on...


CHER-RY said...

lucky nee lee :)

neil said...

indeed :)