Friday, May 7, 2010


It is probably universally known and acknowledged that invigilating an exam is very boring. Therefore, perhaps, certain very empathetic individuals took care to provide some form of distraction, of visual delights, for the rest of us. I am talking about the fully made-up faces complete with perfectly-lined eyes and fake eyelashes, the blouses so form-fitting and low-cut cleavages can be seen from 10 tables away, the pants so low-cut all can tell the wearers' favourite branded undergarments, and well, the occasional mini-skirts.

I am also talking about a certain individual who wore elegant make-up, a cute little black dress which reached waaay down to perhaps 3 inches above the knees, with sheer material covering the chest, shoulders and back showing off the sexy black straps underneath, and a pair of glossy black 4-inch heels. For a two-hour invigilation - three, if you take into consideration the reporting for duty 40 minutes before the exam, and the 20 minutes of scripts-counting and tallying after the exam. Fantastic.

Thank you, all of you, for providing such pleasing sights for us!


Odin Cards said...

Lucky I'm no lecturer...could be detrimental to my health!

Agnes said...

It seems like you have far too many reasons to complaint about your students when it comes to their personal appearance or behaviour, don't you?

Why try to impose your value on others? Try to accept everybody's difference and you could end up living your life as a much happier individual. We're living in a society where diversity is something we should be proud of.

You may not have the ability to innovate on fashions but why make it a point to degrade or ridicule others when it comes to their choice. Likewise, I may not be as talented as you but I don't envy on your achievement on becoming a successful educator or try to make your profession look bad by giving false impression on academic career.

Life goes beyond academic and intellectual abilities. But, suppression on individual's creativity on every aspect of life will only make us less tolerant and regress.

CA said...

The writer is merely expressing her observations on peoples'personal appearances which I find very insightful. How many of us actually can do that? I don't agree with you about her complaining about it.

neil said...

Dear Agnes,

Firstly, thanks for dropping by. I suppose I am not obliged to explain myself, but it's a beautiful morning and I'm in a pleasant mood.

1. Rest assured I am actually not complaining (not this time at least). So, pardon me if I felt that showing-off too much assets and wearing feet-killing heels to invigilate an exam were a tad ridiculous. But I actually enjoy looking at dolled-up people, however inappropriate for the occassion.

Someone actually made a good point about location-propriety to me. That someone said, although the university has rules on attires, we should ALL respect the students' choices to dress as they wish. I do agree - to a certain extent. Won't you cross to the other side and take a look: you are expecting the university to respect your choices, while you are not willing to respect the university's choice to impose certain dress-codes.

I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong. If that is open to debate, it may go on for days, and I'm not interested. I'm just stating the facts.

2. I never tried to impose my "values" on others. I make observations because I observe. Unless what I observed was someone throwing rubbish out of a moving vehicle, or someone beating his wife up, I do not usually insist that what that someone did was wrong (yes, I have complained about litter-bugs and wife-beaters... but you would too, wouldn't you?)

3. I don't think I'm talented nor a successful educator. If you think I am, then thank you! I take it as a compliment.

4. I don't actually get what you mean by "supressing an individual's creativity". Surely I do not have the ability nor the authority for that?

I do not know if you're a regular, Agnes, but if you are, you will understand that I write mostly in a light-hearted manner, my posts reeking with sarcasm and comedy.

So, why not take a step back, and enjoy this light-reading that I strive to provide? Do come by again every now and then. I don't write every day, but hopefully I can find the time and the inspiration to write often enough :)