Monday, January 31, 2011


It started several days ago. The day before I really fell ill, I was joking with a friend and colleague about "going to be sick tomorrow", so could I not attend the meeting he was calling... and well, what have we here?


I really dislike upper respiratory tract infections because they meddle with my voice and I really can't stand to lose it. For a while now I have made it a point to keep away from the coughing and sniffling, and I can't recall if I had encountered any germs-dispensing individuals recently. It usually is nearly impossible to pinpoint where one has gotten one's infection from, and I wouldn't have guessed had not someone paid me a visit no more than two hours ago.

He very kindly drove all the way here to give me a CNY gift (thank you!) and some overdue documents (thank you again!), and very kindly asked if I was well. I wasn't well, I told him. What sort, he asked. The usual, I said, pointing to my throat.

"Oh! I was down with a very bad sore throat last couple of weeks!"

Did he say last couple of weeks? Was it when I went for training, sat right next to him during dinner, and rode in his fancy car all the way home after? And wasn't that exactly 7 days prior to the first day of this misery I'm now suffering? So it was him! (Right, it might not be, but I'm gonna pin it on him anyway...)


He covered his nose and mouth with his hand, backed off, wished me good night and hurried away. Si-Heng, I've been coughing so much I think my throat ought to be numb! (but no, it still hurts...)


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