Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Journey Home

After an hour of particularly satisfying yoga practice (in which I believe I achieved new depth in the standing forward bend... yes, it is a big deal!) I left the gym anticipating a blissful, relaxed night. It almost didn't happen.

My gym is approximately 15 minutes' drive from my home - under normal traffic conditions - so in a way, the distance is not that much. In that, however, I encountered:

1. At least 20 vehicles illegally parked and double-parked, resulting in horribly obstructed paths requiring complicated maneuvers to get through.

2. A huge "vintage" Mercedes going against rightful traffic on a one-way-street. With illegally parked cars on one side, the road meant to accommodate the width of a single vehicle now has to fit THREE. As it was happening, I thought to myself - if my car didn't get out unscratched, I'd totally confront the man driving the offending one with "Uncle, did you notice this sign which says "Jalan Sehala" (one-way-street)? That big arrow pointing that way means you can only drive in that direction..." I'm too polite, I know.

3. A horrible excuse of a human being doing this:

(original image from here)

The thing with bad road users is, they're so common I've become very skilled at not getting mad encountering them. For all I know, little irritants like these contribute to functional dyspepsia and seriously, they're not worth it.

So, yea - in spite of everything, I got home and enjoyed my blissful, relaxed night, like I intended to.

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