Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Shaolin Monkey

We had just ended a 90-minute session. Some of the ladies wanted a group photo with the dance instructor, as he was nicely in "costume". We lined ourselves up in a neat little row behind him as the cameras got ready. 

"What - just like that?" he exclaimed, seeing how plain boring we looked. "Pose, everyone, pose!"

The picture was sent to him several days later and today, he shared it with me. 

"All of you can't pose at all!" he complained. "Look at how weird and funny you all look!" and he proceeded to describe each one.

The ladies, according to him, from left to right:

#1 - Is this even a pose?
#2 - Ms Universe contestant
#3 - Another Ms Universe contestant
#4 - About to slap him?
#5 - I want to hide behind the Monkey
#6 - The Shaolin Monkey
#7 - The Crab Walk

He can't believe we can't pose, he continued grumbling. He'll have to teach us to pose properly the next time. He can't even publish these photos anywhere with us looking like that. And I'd better not post this photo anywhere too, he warned me. Too shameful, he said.

Hee heee... I think my Readers would enjoy the amusement, though. I'll post the better one when we succeed in getting it =D

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