Saturday, June 4, 2005

Accidental Eavesdropping

I teach using presentation slides projected onto a big screen at the front of the class from a projector (usually) mounted on the ceiling. The projector gets its signals from a CPU that is locked in a solid, heavy metal case in a corner of the classrooms. In order to use the computer and projector then, I would have to go to the department that takes care of all the computers, computer-related equipment and computer-related matters. That includes the networking and network-related issues.

So there I was, one day, last week, at the department, returning a key to a CPU metal cabinet in my classroom, after the class finished. And two men were sitting beside the front counter, discussing what was obviously some tricky issues with problematic network connections. I returned the key, signed the log book, and was walking out when I heard one of the men (obviously the one with the network problem, seeking help from the department personnel) say "You know, at the bottom right of the screen, the picture of the two TVs..."

It took me a few seconds, and lots of visualising, to actually fathom what he was describing. Cool really - two TVs. :P

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