Sunday, June 12, 2005

On a POSITIVE note...

I just happened to think of a few good things about my line of work. Probably a poor attempt at self-consolation, but anyhow - here they are:

1. Dress & Decorum
We see customers (a.k.a. students) on a daily basis, but we don't need to wear 3-piece suits or cover ourselves in inch-thick make-up. Politeness and mutual-respect is standard procedure, but hell, if a customer screams at you, you shout right back.

2. Customer Demands
For the academician, the struggle to meet these demands almost does not exist. If the customers demand for more knowledge, more knowledge-based challenges, and lots of extra guidance and tutorials, we might have to work much harder to fulfill them, on top of our regular duties. However, our customers' demands are 99.9% of the time limited to early dismissal of class, extension of assignment deadlines, awarding of 'pity-marks' for tests etc., all of which we can flatly refuse.

3. Bad-behaving customers
This is the best part. We don't have to put up with fussy, bad-tempered and fickle-minded customers. If we didn't like what the customer is doing in class, we can scold him. Now, how many other jobs allow the service provider to actually reprimand the customer?

4. Your boss knows much much less than you do
Hey, if you're a subject expert in one field and your boss is a subject expert in another field (or, in no particular field :Þ) ... what else needs to be said?

5. Deadlines
Our deadlines (trust me, we have lots of them) always come with an unspoken tolerance of plus/minus few days. ;)

And lastly the campus char siew fan is quite delicious, really!

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