Monday, June 6, 2005

Unemployment Issue

This is right now under hot discussion by institutes of (not necessarily higher) learnings all around Malaysia. Some of the suggestions for resolving the problem include providing improved syllabi, more practical and hands-on training, sending the undergrads out for industrial internship (where they'll be asked to do data entry) etc., etc. The government is even running a program where unemployed graduates are given monthly allowances to take professional certification courses and exams (for FREE). A former student of mine, who are in one of these programs, estimates that the government spends about RM18k per graduate, per program. (So far, I have not seen a report on how many of these got themselves work after completing the program) I don't even want to start computing the total amount of tax-payer's sweat-and-blood money spent on these lazy, unemployed freaks.

Just end of last week, someone from the group of counsellors in the institute where I teach sent an email to everyone, announcing an upcoming event, and also giving the TOP 5 REASONS why employers are not hiring fresh graduates. (The sender claims that the data is according to a survey of 4000 HR managers and directors). Here they are :

1. Poor command of the English language (55.8%)
- Well, of course... these days, SPM leavers can end up taking beginner's class in English, together with international students from China who never had the chance to learn proper English in their home country

2. Poor character, attitude and personality (37.4%)
- From the kind of respect we teachers get from the students, we in this line understand this point more than anyone else. Spoilt brats, all of them. None else needs to be said.

3. Unrealistic expectation of salary (33%)
- They think: I am a GRADUATE ok? That's damn hella GREAT! What, you expect me to work for you for RM2k per month? Oh, please. I am a degree holder! (yeah, so is your brother, your brother's gf, your brother's gf's sister, your brother's gf's sister's cousin, your brother's gf's sister's cousin's neighbour etc., etc.)

4. Mismatch of skills learnt and job description (30.2%)
- They are IT grads and they think they can handle an engineer's responsibilities. Cool, aren't they?

5. Choosy in the type of jobs (27.7%)
- This is an add on to choosiness in type of clothes, food, shampoo, soap, cars, rooms... you name it.

So, the solution? Allow all teachers (from kindergarten to university) to carry rotans, and legalise whipping to shape the student's attitude and characters from young; teach them humility and lots of respect for other people; teach them to keep their feet down to earth; and lastly - instead of spending so much on giving them extra training, impose a fine on those who hold a degree, and yet, remain jobless within a year of graduation. Fine them on a monthly or quarterly basis, and keep it on until they get themselves a job. Then, they will strive to put effort, to make miracles and to find a way out. Problem solved!

AH~ it is no wonder I will never make it into politics. *In deep thought*

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