Monday, June 6, 2005

MeeMee, My Roomie

This is my beautiful former roomie, MeeMee. We've stayed together (although not always in the same room) for about 3 years, and in that time, I am impressed by her culinary skills. Her specialty is noodles. The first time she cooked for me, I remember vividly, it was noodles cooked in low-pressure boiling water, then drained and tossed in a sauce made from a mix of several kinds of spices. The noodles were tender and the sauce extremely fragrant and delicious. Since then, I have also acquired some skills (though not nearly close to the extent of MeeMee's) in noodles-cooking. MeeMee and I would always cook and eat our noodles together. While I always stuck to the normal vegetarian, or fried-onion variants, MeeMee was far more adventurous. She cooked her noodles with all kinds of ingredients she could get her hands on. And to keep a formal record of her noodles-cooking experiences, she kept a small noodle muzium, where she proudly displayed all the varieties of noodles that she has cooked.

Her best, and non-arguably most delicious feat, however, has got to be the noodles cooked in spicy duck soup. First, the noodles are pre-fried to a crispy texture. Next, the spicy duck soup is prepared (I can't really disclose the secret ingredients of the soup) by the low-pressure boiling water technique (all MeeMee's noodles are prepared using this technique). Then, the crispy noodles are added to the low-pressure boiled soup, and the low-pressure near-boiling point cooking commences for several minutes. During the few minutes' wait for the noodles to cook, MeeMee would usually make herself a steaming mug of nutritious cocoa drink, to go with the noodles, as a complete, wholesome meal. Those were the seriously good old days.

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