Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I am right now, watching the Hong Kong drama Series, "Hard Fate", every night at 9.30pm. The primary character, a jewelry designer (Flora Chan) fell in love with her employer, owner of a company trading jade (Damien Lau) - a publicly-known bachelor - only to discover that he was in fact, a married man with a 20-something-year old daughter. When I got to the part where he attempted to divorce his wife so that he could be with his new love (who was then pregnant with his child), the cruel reality hit me, and it hit me quite hard. A man, well into his fifties (as is Damien Lau in this drama series), is still capable of being charming and attractive, to much younger women (such as the character of Flora Chan, whom I suppose, is in her thirties). He is still able to give her child, and what with his accumulated wealth, is more than capable of providing her and their child a secure, happy life. But the probability of a woman of the same age (say, the estranged wife of the character of Damien Lau) to have the same qualities is very significantly lower. Like, who would find a woman in her fifties physically attractive? I don't mean those women who go for annual botox or lamb placenta treatment. I mean common women who work hard and long everyday, either in the corporate world, or at home raising children. And while men can continue fathering children until his fifties and sixties, any woman who wants to give birth after the age of 35 would have to consider the risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, the baby being a Down Syndrome or having other birth defects etc., etc. All of a sudden, I simply felt that the two genders of the human species were not well-balanced in terms of design.

Then I figured why some girls prefer men many years their senior. First of all, such a man is mature, has a fuller savings account, and most importantly, by the time you reached menopause, he can't be anything but bed-ridden.


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