Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Gentlemen in inverted commas. That's what they are. Big, grown men who never gives way to members of the fairer sex, but in fact, cut their way through the line of the ladies when boarding the bus or train. As if that's not awful enough, they show the same kind of 'gentlemanly courtesy' to pregnant ladies too. These kinds of things have been happening for as long as I have been working here. Just yesterday, as our bus came, several women, myself included, made a line for the door of the vehicle. The bus slowed, the lady who was first in line got ready to board the bus, and then (this came as no surprise to us) a 'gentleman' with big, quick steps rammed into the line from the right, pushed right past the aforesaid lady, and was of course, the first person to successfully board the bus. Incidents of this nature happen on a daily basis, seriously. Somehow, this time, I was irritated enough to decide to write something on it.

Other than their shoving-people-aside expertise, these 'gentlemen' are also very good at cutting queues, blocking people's views (especially during product / software demonstration, where an excellent specimen of the 'gentlemen' would position himself unashamedly between a group of smaller-sized ladies, and the demonstrator). There are still, endless instances of the 'gentlemen' being greedy, rude, bossy and disrespectful (extremely, extremely disrespectful) to everyone around them.

Enough? Not quite. Poor me (and others who think like I do) have also to put up with the loud, irritating, unintelligible conversations of the 'gentlemen', and their stinking up whatever room, coach or carriage they enter. I have only one thing to say to them - GO BACK WHERE YER CAME FROM!

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