Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mini Skirts

They are skimpy, they are fashionable and they show off your "great" legs - BUT do you need to wear them into the EXAM hall? Why - first of all, it's verrrrrry cooooold in there; secondly, you'd be in a sitting position for 3 hours and everytime you move your legs, you're at risk of opening your coffee shop; and lastly, you distract (or should I say, "attract") all those hamsap male invigilators!

Shame on all of you who love to wear super-short mini skirts to exams. Also shame on all of you who wear low-cut / strapless / transparent blouses with push-up bras. Shame!

1 comment:

Kelly Lai said...

yes, eyesore. give them a sarong next time.