Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sims ReVisited Again

After The Sims and Livin' Large Expansion Pack, there came a few more - House Party, Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar and Makin' Magic. Phew! I played only until Vacation I think - perhaps a little Unleashed, but not enough to make an impression. With House Party, came new objects and new actions - most obviously, the ability to host parties for entire neighbourhoods. There were buffet tables, caterers and even a Mime, who'd show up occassionally, uninvited. It was a great way to get to make acquaintances, which can later be slowly developed into friendships for career advancement.

There are lots to do during a party. You can buy a birthday cake and get a Sim to blow the candles out, or you can get a turkey and carve it for all. And as for adult entertainment - well, there's always the strip dancer :D If you want the party to be a costume party, just get a costume chest and the guests will automatically change into different costumes. If there is a campfire, a Sim can light it and entertain a few other Sims around it

With more expansion packs, my roomees and I discovered more tricks and actions. For example, if a Sim looked through the telescope long enough, he will be abducted by aliens - and only be returned a day later.

A Sim can die from electricity shock. To kill a Sim by electricity shock, just buy a chemistry set and make potions - one of the potions that can be made will turn any Sim that drinks it into the monster in Frankenstein and it will go around breaking stuff in the house. If the monster breaks the TV, get a Sim (the one you want to kill) to fix it (better still if the Sim has none or very little mechanical skills). Now, you have a high chance of that Sim being electrocuted. Once it happens, Death (Grim Ripper) will appear and collect the soul, leaving a grave / urn behind.

However, if there is another Sim nearby when Death appears, the Sim can beg for the life of the dying Sim that is about to be taken - and if Death grants the dying Sim its life back, the Sim will continue to live as a zombie.

A zombie Sim can do pretty much everything a normal Sim can (eat, sleep, work, go partying etc.), but it will appear greenish, like a ghost.

... to be continued (again?). Well, yeah, maybe. ;)

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