Friday, April 7, 2006

The Sims ReVisited

Recently, we got The Sims 2, and played a little whenever there is some time. It simply brought back tonnes of memories. :)

My roomees and I used to play The Sims a lot in university. When we first started, our Sims' lives were really, really messed up. New to the game and eager to explore all aspects of it, I tried all actions there were, which almost always end up in disaster. The first major disaster was getting my Sim family to have a baby, when I can't even handle themselves yet. The baby needed feeding / soothing very often and would cry until it was given attention. I sent both my adult Sims to work during the day, leaving the poor baby at home, and after several hours of crying, a social worker appeared and took the baby away, leaving me a message which said - "Shame on you for neglecting the child" or something of the sort.

There were also other mishaps such as letting a thief get away (which we later learned can be prevented by buying a burglar alarm, which would alert the police every time a burglar came, and the burglar would be arrested) and also fires (which we later learned can happen randomly where there is fireplace or stove for cooking, and which damages can be minimised by buying a smoke detector, which will bring a fireman in whenever a fire began)

My first major fire disaster started from two fire places in the living room of a Sims family of 4 Sims. I got the Dad and Mom to "put out" the fires, but soon Mom got overpowered and caught on fire herself. In a while, she turned into an urn of ashes (died!) and Dad immediately went to the urn to "mourn", with the fires still raging. Then, he himself caught on fire and perished too. The family was left with two children, with no means of supporting themselves. Gosh. I didn't save that game.

Of course, in due time we learned strategies and tricks - even evil ones. Will post more next time.

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