Tuesday, November 28, 2006

HamSap Man

The term casanova is used to describe a (usually) dashingly handsome man who is eloquent and charming, who goes after many girls. However, if the goes-after-many-girls man is un-tall, un-handsome and has oily hair and face, we simply refer to him as a hamsap man.

Most men are more or less hamsap but this fellow that is sooo hamsap (and everyone knows it) that if he puts himself in the second place for hamsap men challenge, nobody would admit to be in the first. While everyone here always strives to maintain friendly, professional relationships with those we teach, this man's ultimate goal is to buaya all the girls in his class, except for the taller ones (lucky them!) And as if buaya-ing current students is not enough, he also buayas former students. I can't imagine the lives of the male students in his class (neglected, cast-aside, left to rot away...)

At the company's annual dinner, most staff were enjoying themselves relaxing and having conversations, other than enjoying the food. However, the hamsap man's mission at the dinner was to spot as many beautiful ladies as possible, stalk them, find out who they were and where they're from. If he went about his filthy business discreetly, I wouldn't be writing this post right now - no - he had to announce how many ladies he's spotted, how many times he's walked around to stalk them and count his "successes" (this so-and-so sits at that table). That should be more than enough to disgust all the ladies (and even some of the gentlemen). Then, I heard from a lady colleague this morning that he actually went over to our lady boss and commented "You look very sexy!" The boss said nothing, but the moment she turned away from him, her face turned as black as RGB 000000! SIGH. That's what we call hamsap-ing without using brain. Sick.

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