Monday, November 13, 2006

What - It's You!

Imagine this - by sheer coincidence, your apartment-mate in college was your secondary school senior; or your university friend's father was your own father's school-mate; or the karate guy you knew in college happened to be your husband's bestfriend since childhood... I've had all of that - and more. And it keeps happening.

Recently, I attended my husband's high school reunion dinner. I don't usually like such intimately nostalgic functions full of strangers to me, but I know quite a handful of them, because we went to the same university (yeah, this world is that small), so it wasn't a completely stangers-ful for me. And there I was - enjoying my food and watching MTV while the old friends sought one another out. All of the sudden, out of the corner of my right ear (ok, there's no such thing, but it adds drama to the sentence *wink*) I heard a familiar name pronounced. Casually, I let my eyes roll the the direction of the voices, and there she was - a familiar face, right there in front of me. I grabbed her hand, not sure of what to say, not sure if I'd gotten the right person. After all, I have not seen her in person for almost ten years - since college days!

In college, we were of different programs so I'd never had met nor knew her had we not both joined the karate club. Here's a photo from nearly ten years ago:

She circled in red, me in blue (to the left of me is my beloved CS!)

We squealed and hugged and were totally at a loss for words. Truly - it was such an unexpected meeting I was delighted, bewildered and for the first five minutes, cast into a mental stupor. Locating an old friend is like suddenly stumbling upon a little treasure you'd lost track off and forgotten as lost - it is most wondrous.

Readers - if you happen to be one of the people standing of sitting in the old photograph above - drop me a line immediately!

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