Friday, August 24, 2007

Broken "YODA" English

This is the side-effect of Bee Ree and Nee Lee having published posts on English yesterday (bee ree's; nee lee's). It all started when Nee Lee, in her attempt to express an idea in broken English, sent Bee Ree a message with all the words in the sentence jumbled up in a random order. Then...

bee ree: yes u do sound like Yoda
bee ree: eat i must
bee ree: and eat i have
nee lee: post written I english on blog on
nee lee: go should you read now it
bee ree: yes i must
bee ree: and wil i yes
nee lee: break cup wash toilet now go I brb
bee ree: hahahhahaahhahahahhahaha
bee ree: so german lar
nee lee: I really like that last part
bee ree: lez spek german then
bee ree:
bee ree: i think i will have a hard time understanding and ended up with killing more brain cells
bee ree: i prefer speaking yoda language
nee lee: I can't german speak no all at
nee lee:
bee ree: see i can
bee ree: shit i will
bee ree: exuse me lar nee lee...i lurve tat part "shit i will"
nee lee: in cold so very here
bee ree: the very same here
bee ree: rain must be the
nee lee: outside dark looking very
bee ree: okie let's stop it...i am luffin like a tin kai here
bee ree: coz i am imaginating our voice like YODA
nee lee: tin laughing kai why do you
nee lee: imagine yoda you do like faces well as green?
bee ree: me tin laughing kai...coz imaginating i am that speaking we in yoda's voice
bee ree: do i yes
bee ree: and stumpy and short and frail with tat stopid robe
nee lee: tears me eyes down cheeks mad falling like
bee ree: dun kry nee lee
bee ree: i love you
nee lee: too love i you
bee ree:
bee ree: ok can u promise to stop now
bee ree: coz i am still luffin
bee ree: and my staffs are askin why
nee lee: too me well laughing as
nee lee: this conversation you save ought to publish and blog on your
bee ree: wah my blog bcome bad english blog already
nee lee: post extension today's of perhaps be can it an
bee ree: nee lee pls stop
bee ree: i just left a comment at ur engrish blog
bee ree: u know tee ree alwiz tell me...
bee ree: beeree blog teeree flog
bee ree: wat does flog means?
nee lee: be frog may mispronounciation the it word of
nee lee: is up of flog official meaning beat to
bee ree: flog = GOLF
bee ree: terbalik
nee lee: smart you very are
bee ree:
nee lee: know meaning don't wor zeng of
bee ree: i think by 6pm i will be dumb and retarded
bee ree: if we continue to speak like this
nee lee: be to you --> will from
bee ree: apa u cakap wor?
nee lee: must unscramble the you sentence in words the
bee ree: yes u must
nee lee: tell did irc mee mee I using drove I somebody wall sims up you language the and?
nee lee: fun so was it
bee ree: i dun understand
bee ree: coz i am retarded
bee ree:
nee lee: ok my brain is bleeding and hurting

I don't think we will be writing any posts on English for some time now...

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